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Crimson Robotics Club WSU's Heavyweight Combat Robotics Team

Crimson Robotics Club

Crimson Robotics is going to BattleBots!

Help Support Crimson Robotics BattleBots

Crimson Robotics, Washington State University’s official BattleBots team, has been been selected from hundreds of applicants worldwide to participate in BattleBots, the popular television series that features remote-controlled robots in competitive battles.  The 10th season starts filming April 3, 2020 in Long Beach, California and will air on the Discovery and Science channels in 150 countries.

Crimson Robotics will participate in four, three-minute matches in which each robot works to destroy its competitor. The robots have to be advanced and powerful with the aim of damaging their opponents. Crimson Robotics is building their first scale-sized robot for the event and, with support, hope to build two more before the event gets underway.

“Efforts like Crimson Robotics and the Battlebots competition give our students invaluable, real-world experience and help prepare them to meet the demand for engineers and computer scientists in high-tech industries throughout the state and nation. We’ll be cheering for them.”

– Mary Rezac, dean of the Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture

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